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Free Google guide to SEO and adwords

Hello fellow gigstir’s…. I found a pretty good resource on Amazon that we can use to learn hoe to promote our gig’s and micro jobs in a more efficient manor. It’s from Google and best of all the kindle version is free. Its the FREE GOOGLE: Free SEO, Social Media, and AdWords Resources from Google [...]

Why Choose Gigstir?

What do you get when you mix unemployment, frugal consumers and Internet boredom? One possible answer —, a site that allows you to buy and sell tasks for $5 and more. In spirit, we’re trying to create a direct economy between buyers and sellers. As on Gigstir, you can interact with users on the [...]

Gigstir Quick Start Guide: Make Easy Money Online with micro jobs

Gigstir Quick Start Guide: Make Easy Money Online
Here is a Gigstir Quick Start Guide for making easy money online. is a website that allows you to sell services, items, pictures, just anything you can think of, for just $9. People have offered everything on here from custom made videos, to special photos, [...]

Best Sellers contest: Your chance to win $200

That’s right! September is here and it’s time to get fired up and have yet another contest. Unlike the previous one, this time contest gonna be bigger, exciting and more awesome. That’s why Gigstir announces the Best Sellers Contest!
Before we get to the contest, We just want to thank everyone for your support this time. [...]

How To Make Your First Sale On

As we are getting more popular, it’s getting easy for your micro jobs to get noticed so we’ve put together this list of free promotion techniques to get the ball rolling faster!
1. Add a video to your micro job – a job without a video is a very effective way to blend in with 90% [...]

Call it the quick money maker

For the price of less than nine bucks, you can pay someone to proofread your business plan or record a professional voice over in the Queen’s English accent. is an international online marketplace for people to buy and sell everyday services and micro jobs. And yes, nothing costs more than 50.00 bucks.
Browse through some [...]